S​/​T 7'' (2014)

by Azotobacter

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Recorded 29th of September 2013.
Recorded at Electric City Studio.


released November 14, 2013




Azotobacter Victoria, British Columbia

Azotobacter is 3 punks from Victoria BC, and may produce large quantities of capsular slime.

- Azotobacter 7" (2014) (Self Released, Byllepest Distro)

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Track Name: Restrained and Detained
Enslaved to an order which one cannot escape

Behind a wall of screams, no one decides your fate

Tied down financially you struggle to breathe

With no where to turn there must be a sentence received

Enslaved to our country

A reckless corporation

Bringing forth our damnation

We are chained to the bars

Can't leave it behind It follows to your grave

Your life is expendable because of capital saved

When will we rise the time needs to come

Our system needs defeating before its too late

Enslaved. Restrained. Detained. Dead.
Track Name: Rapacity
You've got what you want, but you still crave more

You'd steal my last breath, you extortionist pimp

Your boot in the face of compassionate nature

Your soul capitalist gain, leaves you morally insane

Your wallet grows bigger while others suffer in pain

Your greed will succumb to an untimely end

You cannot buy freedom with capital gain

Your time will come and your wallet will drain

Your wealth will rot and kill your head

Money means shit when you are dead

When push comes to shove, money means nothing

Wealth is a disease, and you'll die for your greed

You'll do what it takes to be on the top

You may live in comfort, but your soul lives in hell

All that you've done wrong will come back to haunt you

You'll stare in the face of the death of nature

Your greed

It blinds our human judgement

You feed

On the lives of the poor and the weak

You cannot deny

Your blackmail life

It is all a lie

Our future is so bleak